• How We Sell and Market Your Home

    2 Things Sell Homes- Smart Pricing and Effective Marketing

    Smart Pricing

    How do we price we your home?

    The MARKET VALUE of your home is NOT:

    •What you have in it

    •What you need out of it

    •What it is appraised for

    •What you heard your neighbour’s house sold for

    •What the tax office says it is worth

    •What it is insured for

    •Based on memories and treasures

    •Based on prices of homes where you are moving


    •The TRUE MARKET VALUE of your home IS:

    •What a buyer is willing to pay for it TODAY

    •Based on today’s market

    •Based on today’s competition

    •Based on today’s financing

    •Based on today's economic conditions

    •Based on buyers perception of property's condition

    •Based on location

    and the BIG ONE...............

    •What comparable properties have recently sold for in your area/community

    Effective Marketing

    Huge Local Exposure

    - a custom color brochure will be created, with details regarding the property, the community and property disclosure statement


    -detailed description with PROFESSIONAL HI-RESOLUTION color photographs and a link to the website will appear in the Saskatoon and Area Board of REALTORS Multiple Listing Service


    -your property will be accessible on over 600 REALTORS websites and throughout the Saskatchewan Multiple Listing Service


    -a custom email blast with photos and a link to the property sent to over 1500 of The TurnKey Group’s personal and business contacts


    -With the owner’s permission, an Open House for the public will be held


    -With the owner’s permission, the property will be presented to over 50 agents during the Century 21 Fusions office meeting, followed by the Century 21 agents touring the property and giving constructive feedback within the next 24 hours


    - With the owner’s permission a For Sale sign will be placed on the property


    International Exposure

    International Exposure

    With the large number of international buyers these days, it is crucial to have your property accessible to international buyers. Century 21 brand is recognized around the world and is the franchiser of the worlds largest residential real estate sales organization with over 100,000 agents in 78 countries. Our Century 21 websites also convert into 18 different languages. Plus, we leverage the power of the Century 21 Global Referral Network to access leads from around the world!


    This is a huge advantage over local and non-international brokerages!

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our marketing is always on and working for you

    24 Hour Internet Exposure and Social Media

    The property will be syndicated to all the websites shown above and featured on the following real estate websites









    The property will be featured on The Turnkey Groups social media







    Our leads and stats tool allows us to track the online traffic to your listing and can determine how many repeat and new views each day.


    Television and Media Opportunities

    Global News Real Estate YXE Experts

    The TurnKey Group is live on Global Morning news bi-weekly on Real Estate YXE with The TurnKey Group-Unlock your lifestyle!


    Over 25,000 viewers watch Global Morning news per week. Our website which features your property will be available to viewers and your property may be mentioned on a segment



    Seller Consultations & Light Staging

    Complimentary Consultation & Light Staging with Fresh Living

    Selling your home should be exciting! Where do you start?? Sellers Consultations are an easy way to have a professionally trained set of eyes view your home and help prepare it for sale. We walk through each room of your home starting from the driveway, and address any and all areas of concern. First impressions are huge, so we want to help you wow potential buyers from the moment they pull up to your home. We take our time going through each room pointing out what is working and what may need more attention, plus we are hands-on using your own furniture & décor to give the space a new fresh look. We come armed with a checklist so that we are able to leave you with documentation of the walk through so that you don’t forget everything the second we leave! The market can be competitive so anything you can do to make your home stand out among the others will only benefit you in the end. Our only goal is to help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar



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