Hey everyone, we are trying this new thing where we highlight a neighborhood in Saskatoon and talk about some of the finer points of each area. This city is growing and changing so much, we thought it would be a good idea to make people more aware of what's going on in all the various parts of this amazing city. So without further adieu, here is River Heights!

You may have guessed this by the name, and if that wasn't a dead giveaway, the pics below...but River Heights has some AWESOME walking trails right by the river. Truly an awesome place to move to if you enjoy getting outside and strolling around. River Heights is also fairly close to Lawson Heights mall, as well as being adjacent to the Canarama Shopping Centre strip mall. Plus most importantly, our very own Heather Kehoe lives here and would be happy to give anybody a tour around if they were curious!


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