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These days, the concept of flipping homes in the real estate market seems to be more prevalent than ever. More and more people with little to no experience in the field are jumping in head first without fully knowing what it takes to succeed. Between the tv shows that make it seem like a flip can be done over a weekend, and social media advertisements for flipping programs that can be learned in two weeks, it's starting to have a very casual feel to it, when the reality is quite the opposite. Basically, it's not impossible to flip homes for worthwhile profit, but it's very difficult and I'm going to list some harsh realities you'll have to accept if you are seriously pondering giving flipping a shot:

1. Low profits and high risk. The

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Now that the smoke has cleared (pun within the first sentence! Punch me in the face please) with pot legalization, we are beginning to examine the legislation on a more macro, big-picture level. The effects will be sprawling, to say the least, but for the sake of real estate, it is impactful in two main ways. 

1. Houses in which marijuana is grown

It’s obvious but important to note that this isn’t a new concept as a result of legalization, REALTORS® have been dealing with this issue for decades. Still, there are new factors to consider. First of all, if you decide to grow plants - that’s great, but please remember that FOUR PLANTS is the maximum, don’t go all George Jung. Also as REALTORS®, we would like to offer some advice as it pertains to

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Saskatoon February 2, 2018. 

January home sales in Saskatoon are off to a positive start in 2018. The number of transactions that occurred in Saskatoon was 203 units which represents an 11% increase over January of 2017. The five year average for January is 194 units. Last month’s sales activity also resulted in an increase in the overall dollar volume of 10.5% to $90,673,143 representing the highest dollar volume for January since 2014. Sales in the region surrounding Saskatoon, which includes the cities of Warman and Martensville showed a 27.5% increase with 65 transactions and an 11.7% increase in dollar volume at $18,049,600. “While it is still very early in the year, the past three months have shown trends of increasing sales for Saskatoon, which is

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Hi everyone, happy holidays! I'm proud to say my holiday shopping is done! A six-pack of beer and Amazon got the job done and I didn't even have to pull my hair out looking for a parking spot. You'd be wise to consider the same...

Anyways, today's topic is buying during the holiday season. Good idea? Bad idea? First advantage I will point out is buying with us between now and December 31st is a good idea, as our $500 buyer promotion is still on. But other than that, a lot of people are just down on buying during this time of year in general. Some of it is based on accurate perceptions but some of the negativity isn't based on anything market related at all. For the sake of positivity, today we will try and point out some nice things about buying

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You just bought a house. Well, sort of. Pending the most stressful condition of the deal, for sellers and buyers - the home inspection! With home inspections, it seems there is a ton of different ways to view them. But for the sake of expediency, we have compiled our own list of important things to keep in mind in the event of you buying a home subject to home inspection:

1) While it's tempting to use a friend who knows a lot about homes, that usually doesn't end well. Listen, we do get the appeal...if they're a friend or relative they are trustworthy. But, compared to what? You and your friends? Sure. But it's hard for most people to know if that extends to the level of properly inspecting

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Well that Halloween edition was a lot of fun (and stay tuned for another one next year), but now back to more common advice with buying/selling a property. Today, we want to help out sellers, as it's a fairly tough go out there for anybody trying to sell their place. So, let's talk about decluttering!

There are a lot of things us REALTORS® advise a seller to do, but by far the most common, is making sure our sellers absolutely minimized the clutter in their home. This is among the most important things a seller can do. It's crucial for a few reasons: i) maximizes the square footage, ii) allows the buyer to visualize their furniture placement, iii) some buyers might assume the sellers are sort of

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Is it better to buy or rent in Saskatoon, SK
When it comes to buying or renting a home, there aren’t really any definitive answers. What it really comes down to is you and your circumstances. Are you alone? Are you a single parent? Do you have a family? Are you retired? Some even more integral questions you need to ask yourself before you decide are listed below:

  • Are you still going to be in the same place in 5 years?
  • How much money do you have for a down payment?
  • Have you considered the hidden costs of owning a property?
  • What does the housing market look like?
  • Are there any good rentals in your area?

Although choosing between renting or buying shouldn’t be a terrifying endeavor, it can be overwhelming. Keep on reading to see some distinct advantages and disadvantages of

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So today is October 26th, and with Halloween right around the corner, The Turnkey Group feels it's imperative to outline how some of the common elements associated with this time of year can affect the housing market. This might get a little eerie, so if you're spooked out by ghouls and ghosts, this isn't the post for you...

Question 1: "I bought a house, but my home inspector somehow missed the fact that there's a zombie living in the attic. What's my next legal step? How does this affect resale value?"

Good question! It's never fun when this happens but it's an unfortunate, albeit remote possibility for any home sale. To answer your first question, home

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Hey everyone. So as of January 1st, 2018, when I'm sure you'll all be feeling not hung over at all, you'll also have to deal with some extremely significant mortgage changes taking effect. Instead of me attempting to explain them, I will take the words from our trusted mortgage specialist Geoff Rathgaber to clarify what's going on:

  • When qualifying clients, federally-regulated financial institutions (FRFIs) will be required to approve conventional or uninsured residential mortgages at the greater of the contract rate plus 2% or the 5-year benchmark rate published by the Bank of Canada. This change applies to conventional / uninsured mortgages only.

The government’s objective is to slow the housing market and ensure long term

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Hey everyone, we are trying this new thing where we highlight a neighborhood in Saskatoon and talk about some of the finer points of each area. This city is growing and changing so much, we thought it would be a good idea to make people more aware of what's going on in all the various parts of this amazing city. So without further adieu, here is River Heights!

You may have guessed this by the name.  River Heights has some AWESOME walking trails right by the river. Truly an awesome place to move to if you enjoy getting outside and strolling around. River Heights is also fairly close to Lawson Heights Mall, as well as being adjacent to the Canarama Shopping Centre strip mall. Plus most importantly,

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