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If you're reading this, you probably own a home. There is also a good chance that not only do you own a home, but you aren't exactly sure where all the really important things are in that home. Let's make sure you know where five of the most imporant ones are

1) Where is my water valve?

Every home is different, but you can likely find your main valve near the perimeter of your house, at ground level, nearest your water meter. If your water pipes are visible (in the basement, for example), follow them until you reach the main inlet and valve. It's possible it could be somewhere out of sight, like in a crawl space or closet but this isn't common. If you can't

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It's winter in Saskatchewan. We know, it's bleak and easy to get negative but if you're selling, there are buyers out there, and if your property is presented properly, they will come! Here are some mistakes to avoid when listing a house during a Sask winter:

1) Shovel that driveway/walkways. Perhaps you park in the garage and don't have to slug through a foot of snow to enter your home, but your buyers probably will. It right away establishes a negative mindset before entering the house. Also, there are safety/liability issues to be concerned about.

2) YOU may be bummed out about the winter doldrums but that doesn't mean your house should represent that!

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Home under construction

Over the last few years, Saskatoon has grown at a torrid pace. As such, we have a lot of of builders throwing their hat in the ring, a very cutthroat and competitive ring. At times we've seen buyers purchase a house directly through the builder, under the impression it's a prudent move to remove the REALTOR® from the buying process, and that's simply not the case, quite the contrary actually.

In general, builder's homes are represented by salespeople who work directly for and represent the builder. This means that oftentimes there can be a conflict of interest in regards to working with an agent who has it in their own best interest to keep working with said builder, and keep them happy in regards

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Last blog entry we showed you four things to DO when you're looking for your first home. Having said that, there are definitely some things one should not do as well during this exciting time, and today I'll share some big ones with you.

1) Don't assume you'll be in your home forever. The average Canadian owns 4-5 homes in their lifetime. I'm not saying this will, or won't be you, but the numbers do indicate people are moving a lot more frequently than before, so it's not out of the realm of possibility you will at some point move on from your first home purchase. It's called a 'starter home' for a reason. All this just means one thing: there will almost certainly be some aspects of the place not as

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First Time Home Buyers

A lot of you are lucky to have owned before, or are currently living in an owned property. But some of you are just getting ready to take that plunge, and while it's an exciting time, definitely a few things you should keep in mind before you start thinking of writing offers.

1) Can't stress this enough - talk to a mortgage specialist! This seems like common sense but you might be surprised how many people look at houses first, and talk to a mortgage specialist after. Talking to a mortgage specialist first (and, a good one at one of the four major banks) allows you to look efficiently at houses within your price range without getting your hopes up, or conversely, looking at houses far below your

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