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Debt has a bad rep. And it should! There are more bad kinds of debt than good, and when as anybody knows, it can get out of hand rather quickly with a couple of big purchases. But let's dig a little deeper into debt as it pertains to the average Canadian household. It is true Canadian debt has reached an all-time high. However, a closer look reveals it's not irresponsible debt.

It's worth nothing that the biggest portion of debt is related to mortgages (two thirds to be more specific), while the remaining third is split between consumer credit (29%) and other loans.

Also, the growth in household debt has been a logical progression from ultra-low interest rates.…
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Sun is out, it's a Monday...let's keep things simple today. Here are some tips to help the moving process, if you have children and/or pets.

1) Start preparing ahead of time. This involves a lot of discussion with your kids, especially young ones, about the move. This gives them time to wind down, figure out the new situation, accept the change. Have a Q & A session with them. All of this helps with the transition, moving day can be a very challenging day for young kids who weren't adequately prepared.

2) Visit the new area. Take the kids and pets to parks around the house. Let them see how much fun the new area has to offer. If there is a dog park, and your

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First off to be clear, I am aware I don't have to tell most of you to buy a house in summer months - they are the busiest of the year for a reason. But I still would like to take some time to shed some clarity on certain perceptions have regarding buying between June-August.

1) Prices aren't necessarily higher. At all. A common myth suggests it's always a sellers market during this time, and as such, prices are generally higher. Of course this can be true in certain cases, it's far from a constant. Don't believe me? Examine our current market as a good example. Saskatoon is squarely in a buyer's market last time we checked, and I'm writing this on June 19. The point is, each summer has to be

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On paper, the word "comparable" is pretty vague. There is no official criteria for it, and so many times the concept is applied incorrectly, yet it's the main tool for figuring out the right price on a property. A huge part of a good REALTOR® is not only analyzing comparable properties in the proper way, but also explaining why they're relevant. Let us take this opportunity to share some hard facts about those things to help you establish a logical criteria.

1) Some agents get most frustrated at the "well, the house on my street sold for _____ amount" reference point when it comes to pricing a house. And I get that (we will talk about that below), but I think the biggest misconception is the

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Far too often, people sell their house and along the way, learn some tough lessons that they could have known before if they spoke with the right people
(For example, The Turnkey Group...). It's never a fun thing to look back in hindsight and wish you could have done some things differently. So if you're selling, here are some good pieces of selling wisdom that we would like to impart BEFORE you list your place.

1)You see "kitschy home stuff", buyers see a bunch of clutter. Seriously, de-cluttering a house is maybe the most important thing you can do as a seller. It not only helps the optics of making sure your square footage is being appreciated, it also helps the buyer assume there is pride of

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Whether you prefer to tent, reconfigure the van, or stretch out in your comfy RV, Saskatchewan camping facilities all over the province provide the selection and value you want. National parks, provincial parks, regional or private campgrounds – it’s your choice. Search now for detailed information about what’s available. And don’t forget the marshmallows! Looking to start planning your weekend getaway? Start here and view the top summer car camping items to take with you on your trip. Items range from batteries to stoves, sleeping bags, kettles, coolers and pots..
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Buying a home is usually really exciting, but let's be honest, it's a huge purchase and can be stressful to actually pull the trigger. If something "doesn't feel right", that's not always a sign to walk away. But it also could be a clue that your gut is telling you something is wrong based on the evidence at hand, and you're trying to overlook it. Cold feet can definitely make people walk away from purchases that actually is a smart one, but we're here to help you identify a criteria that will help you make the right call when it comes to signing on the dotted line.

1) Home inspection turns up something majorly wrong. Inspections are definitely NOT a formality, and this is

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So, this post might be awkward for some to read. And it certainly will get exponentially more awkward if you already bought a house with a spouse and DIDN'T do any of these. But some of the most productive talks are those awkward ones because they need to happen! More and more people are foregoing that whole marriage thing and buying a house before any nuptials. And that's great. But there are some things everyone should do that might seem like common sense, but simply don't get done. Everyone needs to acknowledge worst case scenarios, putting heads in the sand is a recipe for disaster. Let's get into it:

1) This one in my opinion is the hugest on this list - discuss credit history with each

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Ever say this when you've been shopping for a home? "I just hate the paintjob here". Good agents will always remind the buyers that paint can be corrected without too much hassle, and we stand by that. In fact, here are some tips to make the process even easier, dare I say even somewhat fun...ok, let's not get crazy, but with some wine and these tips, maybe it won't be too bad at all! Actually first tip: wait until you're done before you crack the wine...

1) A brilliant paint job—free of clumps and unwanted "texture"—starts with getting just the right amount of paint on your brush. This ridiculously simple trick can help: Wrap a rubber band vertically around your paint can so that it bisects the

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Saskatoon housing market stable despite downturn

In case you didn't want to read the whole article, here are some important things to take away from the article:

-the average price of a home in Saskatoon declined just 1.2 per cent from the first quarter of 2016, to $340,303.

-Martensville’s population ballooned by 25 per cent over the last five years, but growth has since slowed to more sustainable levels, allowing commercial and industrial development to catch up.

-Saskatoon recorded 723 sales worth a total of $246 million in the first three months of the year, compared to 714 sales totalling $245.8 million in the same

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