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Is it better to buy or rent in Saskatoon, SK
When it comes to buying or renting a home, there aren’t really any definitive answers. What it really comes down to is you and your circumstances. Are you alone? Are you a single parent? Do you have a family? Are you retired? Some even more integral questions you need to ask yourself before you decide are listed below:

  • Are you still going to be in the same place in 5 years?
  • How much money do you have for a down payment?
  • Have you considered the hidden costs of owning a property?
  • What does the housing market look like?
  • Are there any good rentals in your area?

Although choosing between renting or buying shouldn’t be a terrifying endeavor, it can be overwhelming. Keep on reading to see some distinct advantages and disadvantages of

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So today is October 26th, and with Halloween right around the corner, The Turnkey Group feels it's imperative to outline how some of the common elements associated with this time of year can affect the housing market. This might get a little eerie, so if you're spooked out by ghouls and ghosts, this isn't the post for you...

Question 1: "I bought a house, but my home inspector somehow missed the fact that there's a zombie living in the attic. What's my next legal step? How does this affect resale value?"

Good question! It's never fun when this happens but it's an unfortunate, albeit remote possibility for any home sale. To answer your first question, home

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Hey everyone. So as of January 1st, 2018, when I'm sure you'll all be feeling not hung over at all, you'll also have to deal with some extremely significant mortgage changes taking effect. Instead of me attempting to explain them, I will take the words from our trusted mortgage specialist Geoff Rathgaber to clarify what's going on:

  • When qualifying clients, federally-regulated financial institutions (FRFIs) will be required to approve conventional or uninsured residential mortgages at the greater of the contract rate plus 2% or the 5-year benchmark rate published by the Bank of Canada. This change applies to conventional / uninsured mortgages only.

The government’s objective is to slow the housing market and ensure long term

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Hey everyone, we are trying this new thing where we highlight a neighborhood in Saskatoon and talk about some of the finer points of each area. This city is growing and changing so much, we thought it would be a good idea to make people more aware of what's going on in all the various parts of this amazing city. So without further adieu, here is River Heights!

You may have guessed this by the name.  River Heights has some AWESOME walking trails right by the river. Truly an awesome place to move to if you enjoy getting outside and strolling around. River Heights is also fairly close to Lawson Heights Mall, as well as being adjacent to the Canarama Shopping Centre strip mall. Plus most importantly,

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I'm very excited about this particular blog, because I think it's a very important aspect of the moving process that goes largely ignored by buyers and their agents. I do understand why, it's hard to really know much from viewing a home beside them. But, having said that, there are things an agent should do in my humble opinion. For example, if I'm showing a property and the neighbors are outside, I will ALWAYS strike up a conversation, just to try and get a quick gauge on what they're like. 99% of the time they seem friendly and great, but I have picked up on a couple odd things that I didn't hesitate to pass on to my buyers. For example, one neighbor I spoke to didn't hesitate to provide a litany of petty complaints against the

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Currently in Saskatoon, we are sitting at a 38% absorption rate. That's a fancy way of saying 38% of homes listed are selling. Obviously that's consistent with the drum we've been beating for the last couple months, and that's reminding everyone that we are squarely in a buyers market. This also means a lot of properties, good, well maintained homes are sitting on the market for prolonged periods, watching their value go down and down. Is it fair? Of course not, but the market doesn't care about fairness.

If there is a 'silver lining' here. it's that you aren't alone. Due to the sheer amount of inventory here, buyers simply have the 'Cheesecake Factory' problem, which is their menus are too big. If…
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First of all, this is a judgement-free post. REALTORS® are always the first ones to point out that this is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make in your life (which is why, you should always use a REALTOR®, but I digress). So with that said, it's understandable how one could feel the proper approach would be to overcompensate in terms of applying a seriously intense criteria to the house buying process.

Having said that, while it's good (and imperative) to be diligent in regard to making sure your home has all the things you hold near and dear to your heart, there are still some things you should remember so you don't start to create roadblocks that frankly shouldn't be there.…
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You're in a loving relationship. Awesome. You want to move in together? Whoa, that's really awesome! But, hold up for a second...that's a huge move. I mean, we're happy for you and everything, but let's look at four questions to ask your partner before you actually move in to make sure you're on the same page.

1) "Hey, so how long do you want to live there?"

You don't have to have the exact same timeline, but you can't be really far off either. If one considers it a 'starter' home and the other consider it a 'forever home', there's a pretty good chance conflict will arise more sooner than later. Make sure you are pretty close in terms of how long your will

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The title is pretty self-explanatory. These are just some questions you should ask when interviewing a REALTOR® pay close attention to their answers. This will greatly assist you in choosing the best REALTOR® for you.  We share them here today!

1) How many years of experience do you have selling real estate?

And don't always attach a 'more is better' policy to this. Some of the worst agents we deal with have been in the game way too long. But it's all about level of comfort. So make sure their level of experience is consistent with what you're comfortable with.

2) Are you a Licensed REALTOR®?

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Jason Yochim, Chief Executive Officer

Buyer's Market Continues

Saskatoon September 5, 2017.

A slight decline in home sales year over year, low interest rates and stable home prices coupled with elevated inventory levels, continues to make Saskatoon an ideal market for home buyers. At the end of August there were 2,183 active listings in Saskatoon, just slightly down from the record set last month. “In the coming months, home buyers will look back with hindsight and realize how opportune the market was with all of these elements in place.” According to Jason Yochim, CEO with the Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS® “It is only a matter of time before the market shifts as

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