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4 Lessons People Learned Selling Their Home

Far too often, people sell their house and along the way, learn some tough lessons that they could've known before if the talked to the right people (like for example, Turnkey Group...). It's never a fun thing to look back with hindsight and wish you could've done some things differently. So if you're selling, here are some good pieces of selling wisdom that we would like to impart BEFORE you list your place.

1)You see kitschy home stuff, buyers see a bunch of clutter. Seriously, de-cluttering a house is maybe the most important thing you can do as a seller. It not only helps the optics of making sure all your square footage is being appreciated, but it also helps the buyer assume there is pride of ownership present.

2) Fix stuff as it happens, don't adopt the mentality of "Oh we will fix that when we sell". This is foolish for a couple reasons. One, is selling is a busy process and you might not have time for a bunch of small jobs. Two, you'll likely do them in a rushed fashion. Three, and most importantly, they probably won't get done at all, and that will be reflected in the listing price/offers you get.

3) Always try and get a survey of the property prior to selling, especially when you aren’t in a cookie-cutter neighborhood or the house is in an older subdivision. They aren't always available, but are incredibly useful if you're at all in doubt about property lines.

4) Sellers are often taken aback by the heartbreak they feel when selling a home. Still, if the time is right to sell, try to focus on the benefits—like the money you'll save and the better neighborhood you're moving to. Focus on being in the fun position of starting memories in a new place. It's tough to let go but exciting to start from scratch and leave your imprint in the new place.

A lot of this seems like common sense but when it comes to real estate, a lot of times sense isn't very common (sorry, I won't use that joke again...). Above all, if you have any other questions about selling that aren't listed here, make sure to contact us!

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