March 2019

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Let me tell you a quick story. A few years back my friends (and clients) bought a smaller starter home that had these magical things called walls that broke up the main floor into separate areas. When they grew out of it, the wife explained she felt like when they got home from work, they were living in separate worlds, as she would spend time in the kitchen or her room and he generally took living room. Felt fractured, even divisive at times so she decided it made sense for their next property, open concept is the way to go.

What my clients want, my clients get so we got them a beautiful open concept home in Brighton. That was a couple years ago. Last weekend I was in the area doing an open house and I decided to pop in for a quick visit, see how

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If you're reading this, there is a good chance you have a pet. And if you do, you also are likely aware of yes just how much you love them, but also how much havoc thay can sometimes wreak in a house. I can vouch for this. I have two myself, and it's safe to say they have deappreciated my house. Now to what degree, I can't be certain (I don't really want to quantify it, as it's in my best interest to actually like my dogs). But I harbor no illusions in regard to the negative effects they've caused my property. Despite this, of course I still love them.

I think I do...I mean I have to, right?

Nevermind, I guess I do. But to be more specific, my carpets and my hardwood floor have taken a fair beating. I have no plans to sell currently but accept

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