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15 Questions to Ask a REALTOR®

The title is pretty self-explanatory. There are just some questions you should ask us, and today we are here to share them!

1) How many years of experience do you have selling real estate?

And don't always attach a 'more is better' policy to this. Some of the worst agents we deal with have been in the game way too long. But it's all about level of comfort. So make sure their level of experience is consistent with what you're comfortable with.

2) Are you a licensed Real Estate Agent?

I mean, there aren't a lot of cases of unlicensed people trying to sell houses, but no harm in asking.

3) Are you a full-time agent?

This is a good one to ask. There are many agents out there who have another job. As a client, if they do have a different job, this is your cue to run for the hills.

4) Is your company nationally or locally owned?

Local ones provide more risk.

5) How do you rank within your office?

We are one of the top two teams in our office. Just saying. But it's good to know how your agent ranks in comparison to their competition in the brokerage.

6) Do you advertise on multiple sites?

Online exposure these days is imperative.

7) Do you work alone or with a team?

Again, level of comfort thing. You should know going into the client/agent relationship, how many people will be working for you.

8) Do you specialize in existing home sales?

A lot of different type of real estate markets exist, it's worth honing in on what your agent might specialize in.

9) Do you work with relocation companies?

If you're getting transferred, for example, this is worth asking.

10) Do you have a detailed marketing plan?

It's one thing to just throw up your listing online and hope for the best. It's another to hire an agent who has more specific plan for exposure/making sure it shows absolutely mint with the online advertising.

11) Do you have a personalized yard sign?

This isn't important to all, but sometimes clients want a more customized sign. The Turnkey Group sure has one, so if this is important to you, consider us all set up in that regard.

12) Do you control your marketing or does your broker?

Again, The Turnkey Group has total control over this and will customize marketing for each listing.

13) Have you sold homes that other agents couldn't sell?

This isn't asked to find out if an agent has a magic selling wand. But it's worth asking, as good agents will price it properly, give it maximum exposure, and present it amazingly online. That sells houses.

14) Do you have an in-house mortgage company?

If you're about to buy, and your agent has a mortgage specialist they truly trust that works within the same company, it's definitely a good thing to ask about.

15) Do you have a specific listing manager and closing coordinator?

Something to consider if you want a high level of specialization with your real estate transaction.

Not all of these have to be asked by everyone (although it's a pretty good idea to ask em all), but it's a good idea to remember a lot of them for next time you're wondering which REALTOR® to work with. Don't be shy! Make sure you're working with someone who brings everything to the table necessary to help you with this process!

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